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Your Site as a Destination

It's true that launching a new website is like opening a store in the worse part of town, except it's actually worse: a new site isn't even on the map.

With Online Marketing Management, Emagine Engine puts you on the map by building pathways that bring qualified visitors to your site.

What are qualified visitors? Visitors who are interested in your cause. Who desire the information you provide. Or are looking for the type of products you sell. For these visitors, your site is a destination.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Emagine Engine can help optimize your pages for search engines. The Emagine Engine staff will:

  • Discover the keywords that apply to your venture.
  • Create unique, accurate page titles, tune your "meta" tags, improve your site structure, optimize your content, instruct site crawlers ("bots"), and guide mobile users and search engines.
  • Improve your SEO with Emagine Engine Content Development services, creating quality, meaningful content that is useful to your visitors while including important keywords.
  • Submit your site to Search Engines
  • Generate and submit your XML Google Site Map
  • Analyze the results of SEO campaigns.
Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)

Successful paid advertising campaigns on Google focus around the the correct keywords, compelling advertising copy, and landing pages which are high-quality enough to receive a strong "Quality Score."

Emagine Engine can help with Adwords paid search advertising services through Google. Campaigns can run as much or as little as desired, and the results are tracked.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

To be successful at Social Media Marketing, you need to know how to create copy that attracts attention, and how to use it appropriately within social networks.

Emagine Engine can simplify your Social Media Marketing by providing targeted, consistent updates to social media sites to get your message to your fans. With Emagine Engine, you will enjoy a personal, direct connection to your audience, and still have time to focus on your venture.

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Emagine Engine Online Marketing Management builds pathways to your site.


Emagine Engine Online Marketing Management takes care of the Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing so you can focus on your venture.