Web Development is puzzle-solving.

Emagine Engine is the brand under which Phillip Honstein provides Web Development services and consulting.

Phillip has helped organizations with Web development, content creation, database development and management, project management, and marketing.

Employers and clients have included Hewlett Packard, Korean software developer SJ Namo Interactive, educational publisher W.W. Norton, carbon offsets innovator Carbonfund.org, and international charitable foundation Arcus Foundation. Among the retailers Phillip has advised are wine retailer Winetasters of Larchmont, traditional Japanese barbeque sauce brand Bachans, women's clothing brand Ming Wang Knits, and Bully Bunches, a dog-chews manufacturer.

He has personally coded complete websites, a URL Shortening app, an image gallery, eBook database display scripts, slide show scripts, media players, product registration scripts, and a site caching system.

In the mid 2000s, Phillip taught the Becoming and Ecommerce Merchant Seminar, a survey for budding entrepreneurs to lead them from Incubation to Startup stages of new venture creation by teaching the essentials of Internet Business Models, Web Development, and Monetization.

Phillip holds degrees in writing and communication, with a BA from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington and MFA from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and technology certifications, which can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile.

Phillip was the technology genius that made sure [our site] stayed live. He is an excellent problem-solver, often seeing a solution that others have missed, and his attention to detail is matched by his dedication.
Denise Shanks, User Interface Designer