Web Development is like solving puzzles.

Phillip Honstein, Founder of Emagine Engine, has always enjoyed puzzles, computer science, and demystifying technology.

At Emagine Engine, Phillip oversees development, customer servce, and marketing. He provides direction for the company's future and keeps the focus on supporting creative individuals and entrepreneurs turn ideas into meaningful online projects.

Prior to Emagine Engine, Phillip worked for nearly a decade behind the scenes as an independent consultant in the areas of Web Development, Content Development, and Internet Marketing. Among his clients are leaders their respective fields, including carbon offsets provider Carbonfund.org, educational publisher W.W. Norton, and Korea's leading software company Namo Interactive.

Phillip's websites, writing, graphic designs, and marketing slogans have been distributed across the Internet and in retail locations. He has personally coded complete websites, image galleries, eBook database display scripts, slide show scripts, media players, and product registration scripts.

Phillip has been involved in Web Development since the late 1990's. He holds degrees in writing and communication, with a BA from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington and MA from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a tireless student of entrepreneurship, Web Development, content creation, online content delivery, and group communication.

Phillip was the technology genius that made sure [our site] stayed live. He is an excellent problem-solver, often seeing a solution that others have missed, and his attention to detail is matched by his dedication.
Denise Shanks, User Interface Designer