A Little About Emagine Engine

Emagine Engine is the brand under which Phillip Honstein provides Web Development services and consulting, following years of experience in Web Development, Content Development, Online Marketing, and Web Hosting provided on a client-to-client basis.

The Emagine Engine team has worked with some of the largest companies in their respective fields. These companies include Hewlett Packard, (a leading carbon offsets provider), Namo Interactive (Korea's largest software manufacturer), SIMS Audio (a leading Korean Instrument manufacturer), W.W. Norton (a leading New York textbook and educational website publisher), Auzentech, Inc. (a consumer electronics manufacturer) .

Building a Better Web since 1997

Emagine Engine is the result of years of experience in Web Development, Content Development, Online Marketing, and Web Hosting provided on a client-to-client basis. Below is a sampling of the accomplishments of Emagine Engine's team.

Web Development

The Emagine Engine team has developed retail store online presences, community sites, online-only retailing sites, portfolio sites, textbook companian sites, environmental sites, eBook sites, and product registration sites for product manufacturers.

Content Development

Written content development experience includes retail box copy, Web Site authoring, eBook conversions, corporate press releases, radio commercial authoring, and newspaper editorial experience.

Audio content development includes voiceover work for educational, traditional broadcast, and Web-only broadcast environments.


Marketing experience includes retail store online marketing management, manufacturer online marketing management, and ISP partnership development.

Hosting, Domains, & Server Management

The Emagine Engine team has been providing Web Hosting, Server Management, and Domain Name services on a client-by-client basis since 2004. Clients have included a music instrument manufacturer, an environmental non-profit, a consumer electronics manufacturer, a publisher, a real estate developer, an actor, a musician, and others. 



Incubated in 2010. Started-Up in 2011.

Emagine Engine was founded in 2010 with the mission of helping creative individuals and entrepreneurs to turn big ideas into influential Ventures.

The next several months were spent in the Incubation phase of Venture Development. The ingredients of Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Web Hosting, and Internet Marketing were assembled into products and services that are in touch with each phase of Venture Development.

Emagine Engine entered the Start-Up stage in early 2011.

Elastic. Global. Human.

Emagine Engine is an elastic, global enterprise built by real people who are serious about service.

  • Emagine Engine's development begins in-house, and expands outward as needed for particular projects.
  • Custom Web Development, Content Development, and non-emergency support services provided from the New York City area, a media hub.
  • Emagine Engine Web Hosting utilizes servers located in some of the world's foremost data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • The Emagine Engine Support Team consists of staff based in the United States during US business hours.

Emagine Engine is a privately held and funded business registered in the state of New York, United States.