Hosting Data Centers

The Emagine Engine Data Centers

When you host your idea with Emagine Engine, your site enjoys maximum connectivity, on-site engineers, backup generators, multi-stage security, and optimized servers operated below maximum load. So whether what you're building is serious or not so much, your hosting is. View Hosting Plans

The Best Locations

Emagine Engine sites are hosted on servers are located across the globe. This allows you to host your site in servers that are geographically close to your site visitors.

Global Reach

Emagine Engine's hosting gives your venture a global reach, from day one.

  • United States: For hosting in the United States, Emagine Engine's datacenter provider is Softlayer. Choose from West Coast, Central, East Coast, or Cloud hosting solutions from Emagine Engine, and you will enjoy massive connectivy via one of the largest backbones in the US.
  • Europe: For clients focused on Europe, Emagine Engine's datacenter provider is UK Dedicated, an established provider with a brand new environmentally-focused facility with the latest technology, located just 30 minutes from London by train.
  • Asia: For Asian websites, Emagine Engine's datacenter provider is SparkStation, the leading hosting provider in Singapore and one of the finest in all of Asia, known for providing secure, reliable, and efficient hosting.

If your venture requires an excess of data transfer, contact Emagine Engine to discuss Content Delivery Network (CDN) options. A CDN can dynamically mirror your content in different geographical locations.

24x7 Server Management

At each location, engineers monitor and maintain the Emagine Engine servers 24x7.

24x7 Facilities Management

Staff and emergency backup power keep things running smoothly.

  • On-site Operating Engineers support building systems
  • Emergency Generators back up the electrical systems

24x7 Security

Multi-stage security measures ensure protected, reliable hosting in all our data centers.

  • Equipment is protected with cages and/or cabinets
  • On-site security guards control access 24x7
  • Cameras at points of entry enable centralized monitoring

Optimized Servers

With Emagine Engine, your site is hosted on servers that are optimized, maintained, and used within capacity. Servers are monitored and regularly updated to keep pace with technological advances and customer needs.

Server usage is maintained within capacity to avoid overload that would degrade the great performance enjoyed by Emagine Engine customers.

The Leading Service Providers

Emagine Engine's relies on a mix of premium providers. These providers include but are not limited to the following industry leaders.

  • Comcast
  • Internap
  • Level3
  • NTT america
  • Qwest
  • TellaSonera
  • Charter
  • Cox
  • Google
  • SIX
  • Telefonica
  • Time Warner

Easy Backups

Emagine Engine makes backups so easy that accidentally deleting a file, or even an entire site, does not need to be a big deal. This is accomplished with a mix of server- and customer-based solutions.

  • Automatic Backups: At each Emagine Engine hosting location, technicians perform regularly scheduled offsite backups. Emagine Engine's minimum backup frequently is once per week, with some locations performing more frequent backups as a matter of course.
  • Backup Tools: Emagine Engine hosting includes customer tools to backup your entire account on-the-fly. These backups enable complete account restoration by Emagine Engine, including email accounts, domain pointers, scripts, and entire websites.
  • Other Backup Strategies: Also available are backups via FTP download, automated database emails from content management systems, and more.


  • Diligent Maintenance Skilled engineers are on-hand to keep servers running at their best.
  • Professional Installation Hardware installations are done the right way by skilled technicians.
  • Multi-Stage Security Several security measures including protective Server Cabinets protect your data 24x7.
  • Optimized Servers Servers are optimized, maintained, and used within capacity for great performance.