Emagine Engine Rescues Website Project for Wine Merchant

Emagine Engine Builds Winetasters of Larchmont Website, Discusses Project

Note: Since this post was written, EmagineEngine has assisted with the migration of the WinetastersOfLarchmont site to a leading SAAS platform (their third site). The article below describes how EmagineEngine migrated the WinetastersOfLarchmont site from a static site (their first site) to a dynamic, WordPress site (their second site).

Larchmont, NY: Emagine Engine ( ), a Web Development Consultancy focused on Responsive Web Development Services, has formally announced the completion of the (archive link) website project.

The site is a companion to the Winetasters of Larchmont brick-and-mortar store, and is focused on providing information to customers in an attractive, easy-to-access format. Unfortunately, the site had languished for several months with another development firm prior to Emagine Engine stepping in to build a new site from scratch.

For this project, Emagine Engine provided Web Hosting, Web Development, Content Development that included text and photography, and Social Media Marketing consulting.

A project summary and site pics are provided below.

Website Project Summary

Before beginning the project, Emagine Engine founder Phillip Honstein spent a great deal of time with Winetasters of Larchmont owner Gregg O’Brien assessing his needs for the site, some of which are detailed in this release.

Winetasters Home Page


The Winetasters of Larchmont website needed the following:

  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Logical Information Architecture (easy to navigate)
  • Editable by Winetasters staff (CMS-driven)
  • Industry-standard tools and industry-standard hosting
  • Training and Ongoing Support for at least a year


As sometimes happens, Emagine Engine accepted the project after another developer had failed to deliver a site that was editable or attractive. This put additional financial constraints on the project.

Another challenge which is common for business owners is a lack of time. This causes delays in getting content to the developer and can cause the client to incorrectly feel as if they are the reason the site isn’t getting finished.


The financial constraints were met as follows:

  • Emagine Engine built the site on top of the Open Source CMS Wordpress.
  • The design is based on a template which Emagine Engine customized for appearance and functionality.
  • The site does not include e-commerce, but is e-commerce capable for later development.

A good developer is a proactive one. Emagine Engine helped Winetasters with their client-side delays by stepping-in and creating the delayed content. This involved:

  • Staff interviews.
  • Writing of starting-point copy for the Wine and Spirits sections.
  • Professional photography.

Emagine Engine wrote real copy which staff members could use as a starting point for their own articles (no Lorem Ipsum). To its credit, the staff jumped in and took full control of the site.

Site Control Panel

And the photographs provided by Emagine Enigine? They are an essential part of what makes the site beautiful.

Winetasters Site with Emagine Engine photography

The Result

Winetasters of Larchmont has a site to be proud of, and it doesn’t end there: the staff has full control of text and images on the company Website, and is able to grow it over time.

With ongoing support built into the project, Winetasters of Larchmont staff members can call Emagine Engine any time they need help with advanced topics. Not only do they have full control—they have full support.

Our Philosophy

The goal at Emagine Engine is to be responsive to the needs of the client, and the client’s site, today and tomorrow.

In responding to the needs of the client, Emagine Engine listened and recommended the appropriate solution.  In this case, that solution included Web Hosting, Web Development, Content Development that included text and photography, and Social Media Marketing consulting. The exact solution varies according to client.

In responding to the needs of the client, Emagine Engine stepped in and produced content that was outside the scope of the original plan, thereby preventing client delays from derailing the entire project.

We call this level of service Responsive Web Development. At Emagine Engine, it’s our specialty.

Winetasters of Larchmotn site, development and photography by Emagine Engine

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