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Set the Agenda

Sooner or later you will realize that you need some influence over what is said in the press and on the Internet about your venture.

The Press portion of your site is where you get to set the agenda. Most likely, what you publish there will be picked up and spread across the Internet and will occasionally serve as the starting point for full-fledged articles.

Press Releases Services

Emagine Engine Content Development Services can help with an experienced Press Release writer. Simply provide a rough copy of the main points you want in your press release. An Emagine Engine writer will revise it as a polished, professional release.

A couple of versions back-and-forth, a quote added, an image or two, and you have compelling, meaningful news content.

How Press Releases Help

Frequent, high-quality Press Releases are helpful in serveral ways.

  • Create and direct the conversation online and in print
  • Improve your Search Engine Ranking
  • Help new visitors discover your site
  • Form the basis for newsletters
  • Generate trust

Request Press Release Services

When you reach any milestone, make the most of it by publishing a press release.

Clear. Concise. Compelling.

Press Releases are offered as part of the Emagine Engine Content Development service.

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