Team Emagine Engine

Leaders & Teams at Emagine Engine

Emagine Engine has teams for Development, Customer Service, Content Development, Customer Support, and Server Management.

Phillip Honstein

Founder &
Web Producer

Phillip Honstein, Founder of Emagine Engine, has been involved in Web Development since the late 1990's. At Emagine Engine, he provides direction for the company's future and serves as Team Leader for Support, Customer Service, Development, and Marketing. Phillip worked for nearly a decade behind the scenes as an independent consultant in the areas of Web Development, Content Development, and Internet Marketing for some of the leading companies in their fields. His websites, writing, graphic designs, and marketing slogans have been distributed across the Internet and in retail locations and have helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Lisa Jayne

Associate Producer

As Associate Producer and Talent at Emagine Engine, Lisa Jayne is Team Leader for visual and audio productions embarked on as part of Emagine Engine's Content Development Services. For Emagine Engine projects, she provides guidance on how the commercial, stage, and voice over industries operate. Lisa Jayne's training includes Acting, Improvisation, Film Technique, and Voice. She is the owner of Lisa Jayne Productions and former eCommerce Manager with a large US Internet Service Provider.

Project Teams

Custom Development
& Marketing

Emagine Engine assembles skilled teams for custom Development and Marketing projects. A Project Manager evaluates the project, determines which resources are available in-house and which must be contracted out, generates estimates, and assembles a plan of action. Once Emagine Engine receives client approval of the plan, the project enters the development stage and is brought to completion by a team that has been assembled with the exact skills the project requires.

Support Team

General Support &
Server Support

The Emagine Engine Support Team consists of staff based in the United States during US business hours. Due to the 24x7 server monitoring on-location, any server-level issues would be dealt with by the Server Management team without the need for a support request.

Server Team

24x7 Server Management

Web Hosting is based out of some of the world's foremost hosting facilities. At each location, teams monitor and maintain the Emagine Engine servers 24x7. The technicians keep the servers performing at their optimum and perform weekly offsite backups.