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By using Emagine Engine services, you acknowledge and agree to the Emagine Engine Terms and Conditions which are set out on these pages.

Acceptable Use Policy

What are acceptable uses of Emagine Engine services? The Emagine Engine Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) clarifies our position on activities that are either generally considered unacceptable, or would pose an undue stress on the system and thereby reduce the quality of service. View Acceptable Use Policy Page


What are the Emagine Engine Copyright, Trademark, and Service Marks? The Emagine Engine copyright, trademark, and service marks are detailed in this section, along with a notice that they are protected by laws in the US and other countries. By Accessing the Emagine Engine site you agree to obey applicable laws in good faith. View Copyright Page

Privacy Policy

What are Emagine Engine's Policies about Customer Information? The Emagine Engine Privacy Policy clarifies which information Emagine Engine collects, and how that information is used. It describes the security measures in place to protect information, and the Emagine Engine policy on third parties and customer information. View Privacy Policy Page

Terms of Service

What are the terms under which Emagine Engine privides services? The Emagine Engine Terms of Service discusses issues related to billing, service fees, liability, cancellations, Server Uptime Guarantees, account activations and deactivations, and more. View Terms of Service Page