Emagine Engine Enters Startup Phase

Web Consultancy Formed to Power Big Ideas

Larchmont, NY: Emagine Engine ( www.EmagineEngine.com ), a privately held startup focused on developing creative ventures online, has formally launched its Web Presence and is taking new projects under consideration.

Emagine Engine provides Web Development, Content Development, Online Marketing, and Web Hosting for select clients and ventures. The company has a unique focus on Influence and the Stages of Venture Development.


Speaking on the occasion of the business launch, founder Phillip Honstein described Emagine Engine as “the result of years of experience in Web Development, Content Development, Online Marketing, and Web Hosting.” Among the companies with which he has worked are a leading New York publisher, a leading environmental non-profit, and South Korea’s largest software maker. 


Honstein likes to focus on disruptive or game-changing ventures. “The main challenge for anyone who is creative or forward-thinking is how to transform a great idea into influence,” he said. “Finding the ‘how’ is as important as the idea itself.”

Emagine Engine answers the question, “How can I transform this idea into influence?”, with custom Web Development and Content Development, supported with Internet Marketing. Projects are managed in-house and expand outward as needed. Emagine Engine Hosting is also available to ensure reliable delivery of the live venture.

Venture Stages

The other unique aspect of Emagine Engine’s approach is to match the solution to the stage of the business or venture. “When you contact Emagine Engine,” Honstein said, “You may be Incubating your idea, launching a Startup, holding the reins of a Growth company, or steering a mature organization with Momentum on its side. Each of these four stages has different needs, opportunities, and risks.”

For individuals and companies with game-changing ideas, Emagine Engine is a Web consultancy that provides experience, the mission of helping big ideas gain influence, and an appreciation of the growth stages faced by ventures of all sizes. To learn more, visit Emagine Engine online at www.EmagineEngine.com . Free consultations are available.

About Emagine Engine

Emagine Engine is a Web Consultancy dedicated to helping clients turn big ideas into influential ventures through Responsive Web Development. Emagine Engine combines the ingredients of Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Web Hosting, and Internet Marketing into products and services that are in touch with each phase of Venture Development. Emagine Engine is a privately held and funded business located in Larchmont, New York, United States.