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Quality Newsletters & List Management Services for Your Venture

Own the Inbox

You can't control everything said in the Press.You don't own the entire Search Engine Results Page (SERP). But you can own the inbox.

A well-developed newsletter mailing list delivers your message to visitors who want to hear it, generating whatever kind of buzz you want. And in the long term, a large, well-qualified mailing list increases the valuation of your venture.

Newsletter Authoring

The Emagine Engine staff has been writing newsletters for years, telling recipients about news, promos, parnterships, and new products.

The Newsletters authored by Emagine Engine feature professional graphic design, support a variety of inboxes, are concise and informative, and call the reader to action.

List Management

Emagine Engine can install and manage your list-building software, help you build your subscriber list over time, and deliver your newsletter to your entire list or sub-groups. To ensure delivery, Emagine Engine sets the optimum delivery rate to avoid automatic blocking by Intenet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • Subscribers must confirm their memberships
  • Members may unsubscribe at any time
  • Newsletters can target sub-groups of your list
  • Delivery rate conforms to ISP requirements for inbound e-mail

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Newsletter Services that add value to your venture.

Lists. Content. Ownership.

Emagine Engine helps you build your email list, create quality content, send to sub-groups of your subscribers, and never run afoul of ISP-wide blocking.

And because you own the subscriber list on your own domain, each subscriber adds to the net worth of your venture.