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Emagine Engine Audio Studio

Audio Recording: Phone Patch with Google Voice or Skype

Did you know that Emagine Engine has an audio recording studio? Below we describe how we enable clients to visit the studio virtually during recording sessions.

Today we came upon a blog entry published by Voice123 about using Google Voice as a Phone Patch replacement. As would be expected from one of those sites that exists to sell the dream of voiceover riches to scores of wide-eyed amateurs (the blog is called, “Voice The Dream,” of all things), they got it wrong. Here we explain, for the benefit of other Web Developers working with audio, how to implement this the right way.

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For Developers, Listening is an Essential Skill

Simple Really Means Simple, and Trying to Look Professional Online is the Wrong Goal.

We will start our discussion with a question posted on a LinkedIn group:

I need to develop small pro looking web sites for my custs.  On avg. they will be 5-10 pages of gen info. No blogs, shop carts etc. Any recommendations. I heard good about Joomla and Drupal.

If you need a Web site, is this the type of question you might ask? Or, if you are a developer, do you have clients asking this type of question?

I took three lessons from this question and the responses it generated: Fit the solution to the problem, be aware of what the prospect does not understand, and discern the value the prospect places on your service.

Let’s look at each in more detail.

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Your Site Only Works with WWW? How and Why to Fix It.

Three steps to stop losing business that can never be recovered.

This happens too often with websites of companies large and small: If the visitor does not type “www” at the start of a domain, the site fails to load. Why does it matter? Because there’s no way to know how much traffic the site has lost, and no way to get it back.

I discovered this again yesterday at the website of the New York-based music label which currently has the number one song on the country music charts. A company that successful shouldn’t be making this mistake. (For an update on the company’s site, see author’s note at end of article.)

You won’t have this problem if you host your site at Emagine Engine—we’ll make sure of it. For everyone else, the steps below will help you get your site to load—whether or not the visitor types “www.”

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